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A gently guided mindful conversation, designed to help you gain inner clarity and overcome obstacles that stops you from reaching your goals. Together we’re going to address main issues and transform them, envision your ideal life and make a plan to manifest it.


Do you really want to spend the rest of your life questioning how different it could have been, had you had the courage to dive deep and get rid of old conditioning and beliefs that held you stuck for so long? That’s why.


We meet weekly or biweekly for at least ten sessions. Our discussion is focused on you and your goals. In the meanwhile, I am available by e-mail to assist you in case of urgency and you have enough time to accomplish your assignments we agree upon.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi

Why soul? Isn’t life coaching just enough?

Life coaching is, simply put, a process where a coach with a help of coaching tools supports a client in guiding their life into the desired direction and overcoming the obstacles that might be blocking them along their way. Those obstacles may be anything, really. They might show up as fear or other unpleasant emotions, sometimes as relationship issues, sometimes just as a lack of knowledge or clear direction. Every life coaching process starts with one simple question: What do you want? And from that point, we start making a plan to manifest your goals.


But sometimes, the simple life coaching tools are not efficient enough. Yes, people do achieve their goals but remain unfulfilled. Like something is still missing. It seems that we often set our goals from the wrong point of view. We try to design our life in accordance with our ideas and beliefs of how our life is supposed to be. We still operate from the mind and live in given structures (may I name them cages?). We seldom have the courage to look deeper and ask about the deepest desires of the soul.


What do you want to accomplish in this life that would really make a difference for you and your whole life path? What would give you the deepest sense of a meaningful life? When It comes to coaching on a soul level, we need to look deeper. We need to drop into the bodily sensations and get in touch with our own soul and heart, shed off all the layers of false identities, concepts, and conditioning, and shift our focus from mind to heart. This cannot be accomplished within an ordinary meaningful coaching talk. We simply need to look deeper, beyond the surface of mental concepts.


That’s why soul coaching is not only a meaningful discussion but sometimes a healing process as well. Sometimes you will meet your emotions as well, and be called to acknowledge, accept, and release them. I cannot predict how long it will take for you to fulfill your soul desires, nor what obstacles you will be dealing with. When we work on the soul level, it is possible that soul-driven desires direct our life in the most incredible directions. I encourage you to follow, no matter what, because the heart knows its path.


Everything we do is tailor-made for you, from what our meetings look like, to all the assignments to do between the sessions and any extra material I prepare for you.


Our sessions are intuitively guided, which means that we do not plan each session in detail. To coach intuitively, means to be able to hear you and feel you on a much deeper level than usual. That often makes our work more productive, because our energy speaks louder than words, and we do not waste our precious time on long explanations.


I prefer working in person if you live in Zagreb|Croatia. If you are elsewhere, we can arrange our sessions via Skype or Zoom. Also, whenever possible, we can set our session in nature. I deeply believe that rekindling our connection with Mother Earth helps us gain a better connection with our inner wisdom.


This is a process of self-discovering and finding your true self. If you expect this to be a well-known path of few steps that guarantee you success, power, and enlightenment in a month – this is not for you.


You will be empowered to reconnect with your inner world, find your heart wisdom, set your goals and create an action plan to reach them. By taking responsibility for your emotions and reactions, you will claim back your power. You will decide which steps you need to take to get where you are heading to.


This is for you if you want more clarity in everyday living, the courage to set your own rules, and listening to your heart.  This is also for you if you want to improve your relationships with loved ones and get powerful insights about the important topic in your life. You will learn how to remove obstacles that blocked your way to meaningful living so that you can have more energy and life force for what really matters to you.

hear from others who have worked with me

Every new session means that I will shed another layer of myself and come closer to my inner truth. Sometimes it means a lot of tears too, but every time I feel stronger than before. What I appreciate the most is your ability to communicate in a gentle yet powerful way, and help people come to their own conclusions rather than teach them how to live their life!
You have never criticized me! I didn't need another critic, as I already had one inside! I needed a supportive person who was able to see and hear me, and who could teach me new ways of taking care of myself. You have helped me balance my masculine with my feminine side and helped me make them cooperate for my highest good.
You have provided me with such acceptance and deeper understanding, that I have never felt before! And as I realized your love and appreciation of myself was not fake, I started to believe that I am worthy of love and I started to love myself too! That was a small change that has led to many bigger changes and transformations!

Who I am as your coach

•  I commit to hold you in the light of all possibilities, abundance and your incredible power


•  I believe in you, your inner wisdom, your dreams and your heart guidance


•  My own personal experience in overcoming shit that was separating me from my true self became my strength. I am not afraid of sharing my story with my clients if my life lessons can serve them for their highest good


•  I hold Sacred space for you to dive in and explore any limiting beliefs and mindsets, the wounds you are carrying around with you, and an opportunity for you to begin shifting your perception and healing your heart


•  I am here to ask profound questions that serve as a kick in the ass to take leaps and move along


•  I always give you a gentle but truthful feedback

I also offer unlimited e-mail support, to quickly assist you between the sessions whenever you feel stuck.

What I expect from you

•  To be deeply and strongly committed to the process, and to agree to show up unapologetically loyal to your goals every single time


•  To take stand for yourself and refuse to give up even when the shit hits the fan


•  To be ready to meet all your emotions that may emerge once we start digging deep


•  To take care of yourself between the sessions


•  To accomplish assignments between the sessions


•  To stay open-hearted and open-minded


•  To be ready for major life changes and energy shifts


•  To be so loyal to your own vision that you will not doubt reaching it no matter the cost


•  To be committed taking an open and honest look at your mindset, beliefs and what has not worked for you so far


•  To have a real and deep desire to experience the transformation NOW

Frequent Questions

Life coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling. I am not trained to provide any service to people who suffer from mental disorders and/or take any medicaments related to that. It is important to understand that our relationship is a supportive one, and I, in any case, am not responsible for your life or decisions and choices you make. You have to take full responsibility for your emotions and actions. Please keep this in mind before you book your session with me.


My role is to provide you with a safe space and sacred time for your self-reflection while you make decisions on how you want to arrange your life. You are the only responsible for the outcome and you understand that no one except you can make you feel good, happy and powerful. I deeply believe that all of us are our own healers, and that whole power and potential for healing is in our hands. I want you to become your own coach + healer ever and quit depending on any power sources outside of you.


The length of the coaching process depends solely on your individual needs. Considering my previous experience, ten sessions is an approximate amount of sessions that most people need to start feeling some changes. This being said, we will meet for at least sessions in a row. Yet, I cannot guarantee you achieving the same success as someone else. After we end our tenth session, we can expand our work together for the next ten sessions, if you feel the need for continuous work. This is a long-term relationship, but we will not work together for good. My goal is to help you develop your own inner resources and become your own leader, not to become dependent on me as your coach.


I will kindly ask you to fill in The Coaching Questionnaire and send it to me before booking a session. This is to be done only once. I want to know more about you, so that I can be sure that we are a PERFECT match and that you will benefit from working with me. After I accept your application I will send you a confirmation e-mail and invite you to claim your spot and sign The Coaching Agreement. Also, please be sure that you read the Terms Of Use and Cancelation Policy before you apply.


If you are unsure how you can benefit from this, feel free to contact me, and discuss your doubts with me, I will be more than happy to diminish any concerns you might have.

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