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The sacred bodywork session entails deep healing massage therapy with calling in the plant intelligence. The massage is calm and relaxing, yet deep and strong. It helps relieve stress, treat pain, and contributes to overall health and wellbeing by amplifying the body’s own ability to heal itself.


Sacred bodywork helps us rekindle the sacred relationship between the body and mind, release stress stored in our muscles, opens us up to our inner world full of senses and sensations and awakens our innate wisdom. As the body relaxes, we feel energized and more open to life.


Treatments are by appointment only, so please use the booking form to arrange. We meet in person in my healing studio, at the scheduled time. Every session is intuitively led, and tailor-made and I never follow a set routine, so you will have a unique experience, every single time.

It is a luxury these days to take a moment for yourself. Between jobs, family, and the ever-present chaos of social media in the palm of your hand, self-care can seem an impossible if not a selfish task. But, right now, more than ever a necessary one!


It is a ceremony of self-love and a way to gift yourself sacred time & space. On a very deep level, it is all about remembering your bodily intelligence and surrendering to its deepest wisdom. If you live a stressful lifestyle, this is the best way to release tension from the body and replenish your energy supplies. The body knows it’s HOW. Surrender and follow.


The sacred bodywork session entails deep healing massage therapy + calling in the plant intelligence. I might use other tools too: shamanic drumming and rattling, singing bowls, crystals, healing chants or mumbling, energy healing. The massage is calm and relaxing in nature, yet deep and strong in effect.

How does it feel?

During a session in a state of deep relaxation, you will gain a tangible sense of dropping back into your body. If you have lost the connection to your senses, due to modern lifestyle or if because of any other reason you feel an undefined numbness, you will experience a shift in the inner perception.


In addition to being a deeply relaxing experience, it helps relieve stress, treat pain, and contributes to overall health and wellbeing by amplifying the body’s own ability to heal itself.


You might also feel your body starting to release excessive energy that has been bottled up for a long time or that you are soaking in new fresh energy that will replenish your system.

What are the benefits?

Every person’s experience is different. But what I have found out so far is that the sacred bodywork helps rekindle the connection to your body and increase awareness of your own life force.


It grounds the nerve system and moves stagnant energy through the body. And it is of enormous help for releasing stress from the body system and establishing a natural sleeping pattern. After only one treatment you will become aware of how deep your innate body intelligence is, and you will activate a self-healing process which also includes energy detox.

How to prepare for the session?

•  Please do not come right after the meal, as your body needs the energy to process food and will not be able to involve in the process completely


•  Having in mind that I use essential oils, it is important for you to mention any health issues you might have, that may correlate with your medicaments. You need to mention any known health-related problem  b e f o r e  the session



•  You will be in the state of deep relaxation after the treatment, take your time to take care of yourself during the rest of the day


I provide an in-depth consultation and aftercare advice following the sessions so that the benefits will continue long after the treatment has finished.
hear what others have to say
Every our session means that I will shed another layer of myself and come closer to my inner truth. Sometimes it means a lot of tears too, but every time I feel stronger than before. What I appreciate the most is your ability to communicate in a gentle yet powerful way, and help people come to their own conclusions rather than teach them how to live their life!
You have never criticized me! I didn't need another critic, as I already had one inside! I needed a supportive person who was able to see and hear me, and who can teach me new ways of taking care of my soul. You have helped me balance my masculine with my feminine side and helped me make them cooperate for my highest good.
You have provided me with such acceptance and deeper understanding, that I have never felt before! And as I realized your love and appreciation of myself was not fake, I started to believe that I am worthy of love and I started to love myself too! That was a small change that has led to many bigger changes and transformations!

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