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Plants hold deeply rooted Earth wisdom and medicine for the soul. If you have ever felt immediately better, more vibrant and more at peace after spending some time in nature, then you already know the benefits of Earth medicine.


Accepting plants as our teachers and guides, give us the opportunity to get back to the balance with nature and our own hearts. We work with essential oils in a gentle and non-hazardous way, as they represent the spirits of the plants.


There are two options for working with plant essences/spirits. One is more subtle, through asking for a guidance from your plant allies, and another one is to create a personal elixir and get in touch with plants in a more tangible way.

“Every life form on the surface of this planet is here because a plant was able to gather sunlight and store it, and something else was able to eat that plant and take sunlight energy in order to power their body. Humans cannot create tissue directly from the sunlight, water, and air as plants can, therefore humans are completely dependent on plants for their very existence.” Thom Hartmann


Every living being on this planet has an eternal and endless energy that exists beyond its physical manifestations, just as human. We call that a soul or spirit. There are spirits of mountains, waters, animals and yes, every single plant on this earth has its spirit too. The chemical components of plants have been used for thousands of years for our healing. Plant medicine was the first known medicine ever, and a lot of modern medicaments are derived from plant components. Plants have guaranteed the survival of our species through the food we eat and the air we breathe.


Modern human uses nature and Earth resources, but we have forgotten how to LIVE on and along with Her. We have been taught and trained to see the Mother Earth as something to own, claim, use and tame. To heal this sacred connection and rekindle our bond with nature means to open the portal for our spiritual development and step into the sacred world of harmony within and outside. Therefore, I call you to discover the power of sacred work with plant intelligence.


Working with plants is one way of coming back to the balance with nature and discovering all the gifts that unfold in front of us when we accept plants as our teachers and allies in living a soulful life. I have learned, through my own healing, how holly and powerful the alliance between humans and plants can be. And I honestly bow myself to every single plant that has ever inhabited this planet.


When I work with plants, I mostly use essential oils as our tools, for two reasons: they represent the plant essence and they are widely available. But I warmly encourage you to explore the plant realm in more depth and discover your own ways of empowering yourself with the presence of the plants.


Plant spirit guidance is the process of finding choosing your plant ally and creating your personal rituals to connect with it. If you already feel drawn to a particular plant, this reading can be done for asking for its teachings and guidance for you. If you don’t already have your plant friend, we can use essential oils as the purest form of plant spirits, and intuitively pick one or more of them. In both cases, you will be asked to connect with the given plant in more than one form, depending on the availability of that plant to you.

I mediate between you and plant realm. And by connecting with you on an energy level, I tune in and listen to your soul yearnings. After that, I call in the plant spirits and intuitively pick an essential oil for you to work with. Essential oils serve as a tangible manifestation of the plants since we are not always able to find every possible plant in our surrounding.

Working with plants is a very subtle way of healing. They work on a vibrational level, providing us with gentle guidance along our way of self-development. Some people experience major shifts, and some notice nothing, which does not mean that shift has not occurred. It all depends on one’s sensitivity.

If you feel stuck and not sure what to do to make the shift, connecting to your plant guide can be of a great help. My clients claim that after reading the plant spirit guidance they were able to get clarity and become aware of what is currently going on below the surface, and that helped them focus and direct their energy into the desired direction.

You will receive detailed description of the chosen essential oil(s) by e-mail, together with possible ways of working with it for your soul support and further development. This process may take 2-7 days to complete.
You will receive written description and guidance from plant spirits and your personal plant Elixir (a blend of chosen essential oils) that you can use in your daily rituals.


This is a more detailed version of calling in the plant spirit guidance. It can be done as one session (in person or online) where I help you discover what your soul wants to accomplish, what blocks you encounter, how you can achieve your desired goals, and what plant or plants could support you on this path, or we can do the plant spirit guidance first, and then just create an elixir out of chosen essential oils. The choice is yours.

If we meet in person or online, we must schedule our session first. I’ll help you discover important insights that you may benefit from, and at the end, we’ll call in the plant(s) that could be helpful in your further development. The end result is a detailed written supportive message from the plant spirits, including a plan, and personal rituals to work with. You also get your unique soul elixir. A description will be sent to you by e-mail, and the elixir by regular post delivery within 2-5 days.

Essential oils are powerful cures working on very subtle and vibrational levels, supporting our wellbeing in all life aspects.

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