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I enjoy spending time near the water or in the woods. In summer you will find me talking to the rivers, howling to the Moon or caching fallen stars.


Deep as a sea. Warm as a soil. Strong as a wind. And just as plants that can grow and endure long periods without water and flourish despite that, I too am endurer.


My church is Nature. Plants are my teachers and friends, and the Earth my source of strength. Sitting in silent presence is my favorite form of prayer.

My life. My story. My path.

I was truly deeply and madly touched when I finally let my heart crack open and got mesmerized by the beauty the Creation that revealed before my eyes. How sacred is it to be a part of the ever-pulsating force that makes this planet alive? How holy is it to be aware, to have the opportunity to feel and to celebrate the journey we call a human life? Yes. I am desperately in love with life. With life itself. With the fact that amongst all other living beings I too inhabit this planet and share the same air with all of them. I do celebrate my days on Earth. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from experience, to rise and evolve on the soul level. And I am thrilled every time I discover new dimensions and depths of our human experience. I know that these words may sound, well, brave at the least, because of all the suffering and pain we all see in this world.

But here’s the naked truth: I was in pain too. I suffered. A lot. I was desperate, living in rage, betrayed and isolated. I lost the trust in life more than once. I know that place. And I am not here to deny the sorrow, pain, or to silence the roar of the righteous rage. I stand for the naked truth, for the awareness, and for the healing. And I am here to invite you to awaken too and get to know and follow the path of your soul.

The enslavement of the spirit

I  believe that all suffering results from disconnection. A disconnection is an illusion, which emerges from social, moral, spiritual and other conditioning, which we are exposed to from the first days of our life. Being conditioned by the instructions on how we are supposed to live, or who we are supposed to become, we separate more and more from our essential truth, our core, our soul. When the separation becomes too strong and too deep, and our soul smashed into pieces of our false identities, we start to feel pain. That is the beginning of our questioning of all that is. A wake-up call.


The beginning of the spiral journey inward, the birth of our new self, the first step in our healing.

The sacred remembering

To heal means to become whole again. And to become whole means to remember who we were before we started to believe all the lies that we had been told; who we were before we accepted to become what we had been taught to become. We realize that there is so much more to life beyond the rules and regulations that have been created to hold us imprisoned in the illusions of what this life is all about. We are all our own healers. There is no power in others. No one can do the process for us. I believe that no one can tell us what step we need to take next or what direction we should take. The best compass of ours is the heart that we have forgotten how to listen to. Maybe we have even forgotten that we have one?

Why am I here?

I am here to inspire and support you in your awakening. My work includes life coaching sessions, mentorship programs, massage therapy – sacred bodywork, plant spirit guidance, and sacred ceremonies for strengthening the spirit in challenging times. I am eager to transform ordinary life into a mystical experience and bring back the sacred into our everyday living.

My studio is situated in a peaceful suburban area of Zagreb, Croatia. There we work in person. If you live elsewhere we can arrange our session via Skype as well. I use both languages: Croatian and English.

Inner transformation is a process. A deeply intimate and sacred one. The process of questioning all that is and finding the truth within our hearts. The process of creating the new paths and rewriting the past. As I love to say, I have cracked the code for myself, but I am not here to lead you my way but to help you discover yours.


Being aware that we are multidimensional beings, and that in order to evolve and grow we need to include all our aspects in our work, I have carefully married different techniques and approaches to body, mind, and soul to suit individual needs. Although I deeply believe that my life experience has taught me more than any formal or non-formal education could have ever done, my innate gifts and talents have been boldly supported with a mindfully chosen training.

  • Certified training in professional aromatherapy
  • Soulwork systemic coaching
  • The Luminary | Leadership training for women who light the way for others
  • Universal Coaching Institute | Life coaching training
  • Quantum Touch | Energy healing training
  • School of Intuitive Plant Medicine
  • A few years of personal 1:1 mentorship within the field of self-development
  • Soul & life-coaching – 1:1
  • Bodywork treatments
  • Spiritual guidance and channeling the messages from the plant realm
  • Aromatherapy consultations and tailor-made treatments and products
  • Workshops, mentorship programs, educations and sacred ceremonies for challenging times


I can still remember the times of anger. Sometimes I was angry at myself and at you as well. I was angry for I become me aware of the things I have been avoiding to look at, but I wanted someone else to fix them for me. But after a while, as I accepted that if I want for a change to manifest I need to do some work in the real life, I realized that I was responsible for what I created in life and that all the power lied in my own hands! And even in those hard and challenging times full of resistance and avoidance, you had always found the way to provide me with support through the bodywork sessions and healing products.
When it comes to our work together I still am not sure whether I hate your methods or adore them. For you have pushed me out of my comfort zone for so many times and for me that was the hardest part – looking beyond the old habits and limitations. I know that it was the only way to grow, but sometimes I rejected to look and work on the topics that were hard for me. Everything became so much easier after recognizing my resistance which was the only „thing“ separating me from the change I desired.
I love that you have never tried to lead me through life like many others had tried to do before. You simply exist, gentle and nurturing when needed, but also strong and confident when I start to lose my focus. I became more aware of myself and everything that is going on in my inner world, and for me, that was the most important part of my process. To become aware and to get known to my own self. I loved your healing products too! They had always been that magical touch to everything we went through. They kept me present and focused on our theme, not only in my mind but in my body as well. You are my inspiration muse. I feel that I grew and I'm grateful for that.
When I found you, I was looking for my soul sanctuary. I was lost and in confusion. And you have provided me with heart, hug, and words that soothed my turmoil. You have shown me that you saw, heard and understood me, and I was encouraged to tell my truth without criticism, whatever it looked like at that moment. You are just the perfect combo of strength, knowledge, playfulness, and lightness. But most of all I loved your mischievous temper that made the whole our work light and easy.
As we combined the coaching sessions with the bodywork treatments, I have noticed a better energy flow in my body, that has always been followed with new awareness on a mental and emotional level. Just as you described – my bodily awareness was key to all other awarenesses. You have never left me in confusion, but led me strong and self-confident through all my doubts to the light of integration and changes I desired.

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