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Tell me about your education?

Although I deeply believe that my life experience has taught me more than any formal or non-formal education could have ever done, my innate gifts and talents were boldly supported with a mindfully chosen training:


• Certified training in professional aromatherapy | My specialty is using essential oils for emotional and spiritual evolution

• Soulwork systemic coaching training | A unique combination of teachings based on the old Hawaiian shamanism known as Huna Kalani, NLP and Family therapies of Virginia Satir

• The Luminary | Leadership training for women who light the way for others

• UCI | Solution oriented and transformational life coaching training

• Quantum Touch | Energy healing training

• Few years of personal 1:1 mentorship in the field of self-development

Do you offer free discovery calls?

Not at the moment. My agenda is filled with appointments and I aim to put all my energy into efficiently supporting my clients. When it comes to my offerings, I give my best to provide as much information as possible, on my Web Site, about who I am and how I can serve you, and I hope that you got the idea about how does it feel to work with me. If you still cannot decide whether to book a session or not, feel free to contact me and share your doubts. I will be happy to discuss all of them and help you make the right decision.

What coaching packages do you offer?

I am not offering any usual packages. Because I do not believe in one-program-fits-all philosophy. I know that I can serve my clients at best only if I work from my own truth. I believe in real connection with my clients and tailor-made offers;


Yet, there is still a package thing. Namely, when we agree to work together, you purchase a package of ten coaching sessions/calls. That is an approximate time for most people to feel the change. But, my dear, you are a unique living being, and I do not want you to fit the mold of the many. (Actually, I encourage you to stand out!) After every ten-session package we check in and see where we are – and you decide whether we continue our work together or not. If we continue, you simply buy another package.


No pressure. No strict regiment/regime, no imperatives, no musts at all. I want you to listen to yourself and make decisions from your truest place within.

I am not sure if you are my perfect coaching match. How can I get to know you better?

There is no need to know someone in person and know all the details about their personal life in order to gain all the benefits while working with someone. If you want to get an idea of who I am as a coach and how does it feel to work with me, you can, before you book your soul coaching one-way ticket, come to a sacred bodywork session. That is the best way to get to know me better and see if we click.


Also, before we make a final agreement to work together, you will be asked to fill in questionnaires with a lot of details that I need to know before I start coaching you. I want to be sure that my tools, experience, and expertise can serve you at best. If by chance I find out that for any reason I cannot provide you with the service that you need, I will not accept your application at that moment. I believe in honesty, both ways.

Do we sign a contract?

Yes, we sign a contract for the Soul and life coaching. Signing a contract is an important part of our professional relationship regarding ethical principles that hold an important place in my practice, but also regarding particular rules and regulations. The coaching contract contains important information about our responsibilities, describes the process, and reminds us of our roles that we agree upon as we enter this relationship. Signing the contract keeps YOU safe on the first line. It emphasizes that every person is responsible for their inner work ant their choices in this life. It also tells me that you are serious about achieving your transformation. Breaching this contract allows you to dip into the same sabotaging patterns, and it also places me in a position where I am no longer able to hold you accountable for your success. It is important to me that you make this investment only if you are truly ready to step forward into your transformation. I can only support you at the level where you choose to step forward. I do not make your success – YOU DO.

What If I am not satisfied with the way we progress?

I am not in any way responsible for how fast you progress and make changes in your life. What I know is that every person is unique, and we cannot evaluate our progress by how successful someone else is. Soul and life coaching is not measurable, this is not math. However, we will evaluate our progress every ten sessions, so you will have a chance to decide whether we should continue or not.


I encourage you to observe the subtler shifts in your perception and feelings that will tell you more than anything else if our professional relationship serves your desired development. I also warmly invite you to be gentle with yourself and allow yourself time and space for self-growth.


Forget the concepts that promise you tangible results in just a month. Life is not a race, and there is no a trophy you need to win. Relax. Drop into yourself, feel the shift and have faith. This is all about your soul. And soul knows when, with whom, how long, and – why.

Money return?

No. But if you have any concerns about payments, let me know and we will discuss the possibilities.

What would be your role in my life?

I am your ally and support, your safe place, and your trustworthy buddy.

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