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Different tools and modalities to assist those wanting to improve the quality of their lives. Reconnecting to bodily wisdom through bodywork sessions; coaching programs for re-remembering the essence and break the chains of old conditioning; workshops and sacred ceremonies for strengthening the spirit and heart intelligence and many tailor-made offerings for challenging times. I hold the sacred space for people to feel supported and held while navigating the ultimate voyage of awakening and coming home.

You are ALWAYS one decision away from a totally different life.


The main benefit from soul & life coaching is a better connection to our own self and more inner clarity. A coach is a person who uses powerful questions and other coaching tools to get you to the place of better understanding of where you are now, how you would love to design your lifestyle, and what do you want to accomplish in different aspects of your life.


A coach will help you design an action plan to put those wishes into actions and reach your goal. Whereas a goal can be literally anything: from more freedom in your relationships to career change.


Why do I need a coach, I can do that all by myself? Sure, you can. But first, you don’t have to. And second, there are some situations and times in life, where we, despite the strong will, just stuck. A coach can assist you to address and remove obstacles that you might encounter along your way. An obstacle can be anything. In most cases, those are limiting beliefs, unpleasant emotions or just a lack of clarity.


We will meet for at least ten sessions, scheduled weekly. And you will be provided with gentle but truthful feedback and support to follow your heart.


It is a ceremony of self-love and a way to gift yourself sacred time & space. On a very deep level, it is all about remembering your bodily intelligence and surrendering to its deepest wisdom.


The sacred bodywork session entails deep healing massage therapy + calling in the plant intelligence. I might use other tools too: shamanic drumming and rattling, singing bowls, crystals, healing chants or mumbling, energy healing. The massage is calm and relaxing in nature, yet deep and strong in effect.


If you have lost the connection to your senses, due to modern lifestyle or if because of any other reason you feel an undefined numbness, you will experience a shift in the inner perception.


In addition to being a deeply relaxing experience, it helps relieve stress from the body, reducing pain, and contributing to overall health and wellbeing by amplifying the body’s own ability to heal itself.


Plants hold deeply rooted Earth wisdom. They are true and first ancestors of humankind, and in their essence, there is a hidden medicine for the soul.


Plants are teachers, guides and helpers in our everyday living, but especially in times of crisis, when answers and support are more than welcomed. Working with plants in a spiritual way is the opportunity to get back to the balance with nature and our own heart.


There are two options for working with plant essences/spirits. One is through plant spirit readings where we communicate with plant spirits, then follow intuitive nudges that direct our actions to move toward a place of inner growth. Another one is to include essential oils in our everyday life as a medicine for the soul.


Plant spirit reading is the process of finding your plant ally and creating your personal rituals to connect with it. If you feel stuck in life and not sure what to do to make the shift, connecting to your plant guide can be of a great help. You will receive a detailed description of the chosen plants, followed by possible ways of working with them for your soul support and further development.


This work can be even deeper if followed by creating a personal elixir, to deliver the spirit of the plants direct to your body and allow it to sense it in a more direct way. This elixir is a personal blend of essential oils, which represent the spirit of the plant in a very tangible way.


What a wonderful question.


The chances are that you, at least once in your lifetime, have questioned the way you spend your time on Earth, wondering if this is all there is to life. If you take a closer look at your acquaintances, colleagues, friends and family members, you’ll see so many anxieties, unhappiness, repressed sadness, and senselessness.


Why? Why so many people suffer and seek answers, trying to ease and soothe their feeling of restlessness and undefined pain. Think about it for a moment.


We are taught to educate ourselves, get jobs, work hard and eventually raise a family. We are so busy living our lives day by day and playing our everyday roles, that we have lost connection to our true selves. And somewhere below all those layers of well-learned roles, the true YOU is hidden. Who are you when you are all alone? When you drop all the identities and stories you tell, all the social and family conditioning, all the influences from media? Do you know who you really are?Yes, you know. But on a different level.


We live in times of deepest isolation. Humans are more than ever lost and disconnected from their inner world, true identities, their innate wisdom, bodily intelligence, their senses, emotions, and sensuality, from nature and each other. We are so disconnected from our essence, that we have forgotten who we really are. That’s why so many of us seek for answers and undertake the most heroic journey: the journey inwards.


The pain we feel is real. It is our calling to remember.


To reconnect to ourselves, nature, Earth, our own heart/soul/essence and to each other. Now more than ever you are called to do the work and make the change. We all yearn for the magical healing. But healing is nothing more than a process of remembering our true self and coming back home.


My work includes life coaching sessions, massage therapy – sacred bodywork, plant spirit guidance, sacred ceremonies for strengthening the spirit and educations about using plants in our everyday life.



I am focused on supporting people in challenging times. Having in mind that we all are multidimensional beings and that in order to fully embody the desired change, our work needs to be multilayered too, I have married different approaches that address three layers of our human architecture: body, mind, and essence (soul, spirit, heart).


 My studio is situated in a peaceful suburban area of Zagreb, Croatia. There we work in person. If you live elsewhere we can arrange our session via Skype as well. I use both languages: Croatian and English.


My transformation was so deep, that I can hardly remember how my life was before. You helped me rebuild self-confidence so that I can consciously create my own life now, instead of letting it go and live passively day by day!
I have never met a person like you, who is at the same time a strong and present life coach, a spiritual role model, wild woman, gentle soul, supportive friend and experienced mentor. Thank you for your work!
Our time together was a big awakening for me, and now as I can see so many new possibilities I feel empowered and inspired to learn more and find my own ways of creating a better world for us all.


Wisdom. Healing. Embodiment. Vigor. Breath. Movement. Grounding. The body is the vehicle needed for experiencing the life. Having a body means having a human experience. Our emotions and senses are portals for communication with other living beings and life that surrounds us. Vibrant and healthy body is the core of our spiritual and mental health and the prerequisite for connecting with others.


Knowing. Understanding. Learning. Expansion. Clarity. Vision. Having a strong will and focus, understanding who we are and where we are heading to, while we feel driven by the purpose means having control over our life experience. To cultivate the mind is to gain a powerful ally in this journey we use to call a human life.


Connection to the divine. Heart intelligence. Sensuality. Knowing that we are one with Creation. Pure presence. Universal guidance. Being in touch with the essence of life is to know without knowing, to lean into the feeling of being an alive and creative force, meant for experiencing life and learning from the experience. The essence is an eternal part of every living being, a soul, a bond between us and everything else.

I challenge you to question all that you have been taught about life until now. To heal wounds of past conditioning and not listening to yourself. Grow from there. You are a divine human being. Your birthright is to live empowered and purposeful life. Start by cultivating your mind, honoring the body and remembering the Essence. By the end of the process, you’ll be able to see and embrace the mystery of life.

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