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An eternal part of a living being. A Soul.

Have you ever found yourself questioning the way you spend your time on Earth? Wondering if this is all there is to life? I’m not talking about having a job, a place to live, and a family. I mean – when you think about your life, is there a lukewarm feeling of meh, or you are truly and deeply satisfied with and fulfilled in all aspects of your life: how you feel in your body, how deeply you dare to love, what your relationships with friends and loved ones are. Does your job suit your life purpose, is your lifestyle aligned with your deepest beliefs, and what about all those little things that weave the web of your precious life?


Can you say that you live your life in accordance with YOUR beliefs, and fulfill YOUR dreams? Or… maybe you have accepted someone else’s ideas and teachings about life? Do you follow the voice of your own SOUL or you live as you are supposed to and fulfill someone else’s goals? Wheather your partner’s, your mother’s or the goals that your boss sets for you.


Have you ever found yourself waiting for your time to finally come, questioning why you are here and what is that YOU want to accomplish in this life? Maybe you feel so trapped in your everyday roles, that you have even forgotten who YOU are. If so…

The time has come for the sacred remembering.

For honouring the body and nourishing the SOUL. For recognizing your own needs and setting your own goals. For coming back to YOURSELF. For asking yourself: What is it that you really want to CREATE in this life? How do you want to spend your SACRED time on Earth? How would your life be DIFFERENT now, if you remembered all your potentials buried deep under the layers of false identities and social conditioning?

Imagine yourself waking up to a life so full of joy and vigor that you just cannot get tired of living it!
That is what I call a soulful life. A life full of passion, full of energy, full of joy and pure love.

Deep down inside we already know what path we have to walk to live a soulful life: THE PATH OF THE SOUL. We know what we need to change, how and when. We already know all the answers we are looking for. All we need to do is to close our eyes and listen.  When we close our eyes and turn our attention inwards, we intuitively receive nudges that lead the way.


I am Kristijana

And I have walked that path before.

I have cracked the code of soulful living.

Now I share my know-how with you.


I am here to inspire and support you on your own healing journey, providing you with soul and life coaching, helping you rekindle your relationship with your bodily wisdom and hold the sacred space while you are rewriting the story of your life. I help people turn their ordinary days into a magical journey.

I challenge you to question all that you have been taught about life until now. To quit an ordinary life. To heal wounds of past conditioning and not listening to yourself. Grow from there. You are a divine human being. Your birthright is to live empowered, purposeful and soulful life. Honor your body. Remember your essence. Embrace the mystery of life.

Following nudges that lead down the path of the soul, and walking that path can be CHALLENGING at times.
Here is how I SUPPORT my clients on their healing journey.

What would be the best medicine for your soul?





A gently guided meaningful conversation, where I help you navigate through your inner world, discover what stops you from living a soulful life, envision your ideal life, set your soul-goals and encourage you to take inspired actions to fulfill them.





A process of connecting with plant spirits and opening hearts to their messages. If you have ever felt immediately better, more vibrant and more at peace after spending some time in nature, then you already know how deep the Earth medicine is.





A unique combination of deep healing massage therapy + calling in the plant intelligence. Depending on what we are working on I might use other tools like: shamanic drumming and rattling, crystals, healing chants or mumbling, energy healing.





Sacred space is a private half a day soul retreat meant to serve you as a time and space for replenishing your energy levels, retreating from the ordinary life, igniting your inner fire, reconnecting to your soul and releasing old burdens that weigh down your heart.

Soulful stories from my clients…

My transformation was so deep, that I can hardly remember what my life looked like before. You helped me rebuild self-confidence so that I can consciously create my own life now, instead of letting it go and live passively day by day!
I have never met a person like you, who is at the same time a strong and present life coach, a spiritual role model, wild woman, gentle soul, supportive friend and experienced mentor. You are truly a gift to this world!
Our time together was a big awakening for me, and now as I can see so many new possibilities I feel empowered and inspired to learn more and find my own ways of creating a better world for us all.
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